Corpse Water Perfume

The darkest amber, nutmeg, absinthe-infused dark rum, cyanide essence, tonka bean, hemoglobin, saffron tobacco, the mortician's mocha espresso with sugar, sandalwood, vetiver and green pepper. This is not a 'coffee' or 'chocolate' scent. The mocha and dark coffee blends seamlessly with the other notes for the presentation of a wearable masterpiece. It is a bit on the masculine side, however, I could not stop smelling my wrist when I tested it. I simply love it. 

Corpse water was traditionally harvested from the bath water of the recently deceased. The water is then drank with the belief that they would possess the deceased person's nuanced life energy or special abilities. It is still possible to create corpse water with the prior permission and cooperation of the deceased or a family member, although this is unusual in contemporary times. Anyone can craft their own corpse water and experience its unique and powerful properties. As necromancy is becoming increasingly popular in modern times, corpse water can be used in a variety of ways including scrying, hexing, and connecting with spirits. In some religious rituals, a wife is required to drink her husband's corpse water. If she refuses, then her refusal is interpreted as accountability for her husband's death. For those seeking out spiritual and magical practices, corpse water is a powerful tool. 

*Please note: There is no blood or corpse water contained in this blend. 

Our Perfumes contain the highest concentration of quality absolutes, accords, natural essences, fragrance oils and plant extracts, giving you an unforgettable scent. Made with clean, non-toxic ingredients, that are safe for both our environment and bodies.

We say NO! to phthalates, and are cruelty free.

*5 mL holds 7 mL


Ingredients: Sugar Cane Alcohol Denat. (Organic), Plant-based Fragrance, Foeniculum vulgare ssp. capillaceum var. dulce (Fennel, sweet) Seed Oil, Illicium Verum (Star Anise) Fruits, Aqua


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Type: Perfume

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