Mystery Mash Ups Whipped Cream Body Wash

Mash Ups are remnants of orders that I fulfilled, whereas I made too much of Whipped Cream Body Wash for the jar. I mashed the leftovers of several scents into one jar, hence the name 'Mash Ups'. These jars will be available on occasion, so check back if they are sold out. Each jar is a delightful surprise, they will be filled with scents from the same scent family and no jar will smell the same. You can be assured that it is the same quality and value that you have come to expect from Kheimistrii. 

Whip'd Crème Body Wash is a uniquely formulated cleanser that resembles a thick cream, and is whipped like a soufflé. Rich & creamy like a heavy whipped cream, engulf your skin with loads of lush bubbles. A jar lasts a very long time, as a dollop goes a long way.

Inspiration: When I was a young girl, there was a Dairy Queen in our neighborhood that gave ice cream to the neighborhood children. Sundaes, cones and misty slushes that were either made in error, or were not made correctly. The owner called them "Mess Ups". To receive a cool treat, we would simply knock on the back door of the Dairy Queen and ask for a Mess Up. If there were any in the freezer, our efforts would be rewarded.

6 oz

Due to the resins and woods in some fragrance blends, products may contain tiny particles, which have been deemed as harmless, and are a natural trait of the fragrance blend. Over time, some products may darken due to the vanilla content in the fragrance blend. Please contact me with any concerns.


How to use: Scoop out desired amount. Wash. Rinse. Pat skin dry with a clean, dry bath towel. Works best with a bath pouf, shower glove or body sponge. Can also be used as a hand soap and/or a shaving cream.

Ingredients: Sodium cocoyl isethionate, glycerin, cocamidopropyl betaine, sodium lauryl glucose carboxylate, lauryl glucoside, aqua, grapeseed (vitis vinifera), jojoba (smmondsia chinesis), cetyl alcohol, phenoxyethanol, fragrance

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