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8 oz Satin Body Glaces are on sale for $16. Must add two to the cart to see the discount, as the minimum purchase is two jars. Matching 5 oz Body Oils are $20 and matching 10 mL Perfume Oils Rollerballs are $10. Must add items to cart to see the discount. We have sooo many new scents, perfect for Summer!

Customers say

"Smells just like a cinnamon bun! The glace keeps me moisturized all day ! Will be making another order soon ❤️"

― Jessika N

"This stuff is the bee's knees!! What a lovely, hydrating treat. My super dry skin needs heavy hydration, and this is it! 😍"

― Marie L.

Comes from Humble Beginnings

When kheimistrii first began, we were founded on the premise that our products will be hand-crafted in small-batches to provide fresh-made products. We wanted our perfumes to be gourmand, because we are foodies who believe each meal should end with a decadent dessert. kheimistrii was to formulate bath and body products made with industry-leading premium ingredients that included wild-crafted & Fair Trade when available, providing extraordinary hair, body and skin care crafted with natural ingredients to meet the needs of our diverse cultures around the globe, all while doing it without phthalates, mineral oil, parabens, or sulfates. We use organic and natural resources to develop products with performance, that not only smell good but work. Gluten-free, cruelty-free, and most formulas are vegan-friendly. We care where our ingredients come from, and how they impact our beautiful earth.

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Customer Testimonials

"T shirt and panties is Amazing!!! Smells fresh and clean yet slightly floral reminds me of the Clean brand reserve Skin perfume. I love it very much and definitely need a bigger bottle of this one! Kheim, keep up the Awesome work!!!"

― Kim M.

"The sampler was such a fun way to try multiple scents! I found some new favorites!"

― Elizabeth T.

"I bought a few bottles from this listing and first of all I just have to say these perfumes are so high quality!! I chose EDPs for all of my fragrances. I want to review each one individually. I requested for rollerballs to be used and they are high quality with the metal balls. I also like the packaging, it’s easy to read, nice looking, and easy to store on my dresser. I tested Seduction as soon as I got my package. I was worried about the projection but that was no issue at all! No, you’re not going to fill the whole room up but you’re definitely gonna have a scent bubble that lasts awhile depending on the fragrance. Seduction packed a punch and I got really good longevity out of it. I could smell it faintly the morning after. Definitely will buy again and I would recommend + gift to people I know."

― Tia M.

"Reminds me of a lovely amber-rose (no pun intended) night out with your boo."

― Tiffany D.

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