Scent Catalog


A BREATH OF FRESH PEAR ~ Pear, caramel, cardamom and vanilla bean. A true, juicy pear.

ABSENTIA ~ No added fragrance

ALBIUS ~ This story is so extraordinary you see, as Edmond was born into slavery in St. Suzanne, on the island of Réunion. Young Edmond discovered an efficient and profitable technique to pollinate the difficult to cultivate vanilla orchid, at the innocent age of 12. Despite opposition from Jean Michel Claude Richard, a botanist who alleged that it was he who discovered the technique to hand-pollinate vanilla in Paris. It was this same botanist, who claimed that he had gone to Réunion in 1838 to demonstrate to a small group of horticulturists, and that young Edmond, allegedly, must have been present to see the technique to steal it for himself.

While he was never rewarded monetarily, Edmond was awarded with affirmation of his contribution to the vanilla cultivation industry, his freedom and a last name… Albius.

Our Albius scent is complex, just like the life of its namesake. It holds notes of readily available luxuries of the time, such as vanilla bean, shea butter and santalum, and oils of orange peel, nutmeg, patchouli and cedarwood. Sensuously gender-neutral.

AMBER + ROSESo sexy and softly sensual. This will be your new after-shower bedtime perfume. It's an intoxicating floral explosion of rose petals, jasmine and ylang ylang, with sensual amber, vanilla absolute, bergamot, vetiver, patchouli and sheer musk. My goth family, this one is for you!

ANGEL FOOD CAKE ~ A big ol' hunk of angel food cake with its vanilla, sugary sweetness.

ARROZ CON LECHE ~ toasted arborio rice, brown sugar and creamy coconut milk.

AURA (SPRING) ~ A clean compilation of white florals that will create an atmosphere of pure serenity. Lilium, pikake flowers and plumeria, trailing behind night-blooming blossoms of tuberose and poet’s jasmine, with notes of entrancing gardenia leading the way, surrounded by lush island greenery.

BEACHFRONT RESORT (SPRING) ~ Salted breezes, blue ocean waves, pink sands and umbrella drinks intermingle for an exhilarating soak in the setting sun. Watch the sun set with the true beachy smells of sea salt, ozone accord, wet sand, honeydew melon extract, red apple slices, pink lotus, sheer musk and sun-bleached driftwood. An essential oil and plant-based fragrance blend.

BLOWIN' COTTON (SPRING) ~ Cotton candy, sweet pea, bubble gum & wind-blown cotton. Curiosity made me do it. I wanted to know what these aromas would smell like blended into one. I wasn't wrong. They belong together. 

BRAZILIAN PINEAPPLE (NEW!) ~ Let the tantalizing, tropical aromas of succulent Grilled Pineapple, Spiced Caribbean Rum, and Caramelized Muscovado take you on a journey to the lush rainforests of Brazil where they are carefully crafted into a captivating fragrance.

BUTTER RUM ~ Toffee, vanilla resin, butter rum accord, brown sugar accord, opopanax resin, benzoin resin, tangerine peel and butter co2 extract. An essential oil, pure extract and plant-based fragrance blend. Contains butter extract.

BUTTERCREAM CUPCAKEIndulge in this delicately scented Buttercream Cupcake Collection featuring a classic vanilla cupcake with a fluffy buttercream frosting. Its hint of light musk adds a unique touch of sophistication to this sweet treat. Make it yours and enjoy!

CELEBRATION CAKE (SUMMER) ~ Baked cake accord, a punchy lemon curd, decadent blackberry jam and rich vanilla buttercream frosting. A delicious scent combination that is nothing short of extraordinary.

CHERRY CORDIAL (NEW) ~ Candied cherry with a vanilla cream liquid center, smothered in dark chocolate, with a hint of sweet orange. 

COOKIE BUTTER ~ The deliciously-cozy aroma of caramel, fresh ginger, cinnamon leaf and a fresh bakery accord. She comes out strong, but let her calm down and the decadent, unmistakable aroma of Cookie Butter will shine through. You will just love it.  A plant based aroma oil and essential oil blend. 

COZY CASHMERE COMFORTER ~ It’s so cozy & warm. Creamy, comforting and alluring. A soft blend of spicy, ambery, woodsy cashmeran, sweet caramel and creamy vanilla sugar. Tantalizingly gender-neutral

GOOFBALLS (FALL) ~ I made these for my family when my children were in high school. I would freeze large marshmallows, cut them in half, stick a toothpick in them, then roll them in melted caramels and finally crisped rice cereal. No matter how far and wide I searched, I just could not find a realistic crisped rice aroma note, so I opted for a popcorn note instead. Who remembers the popcorn balls made with melted marshmallow?! This blend is fluffy pillows of gourmet marshmallows toasted over an open fire, poured over popcorn puffs smothered in rich butter, drizzled with creamy caramel and sprinkled with sea salt flakes. Ayumm!

GOTHIQUE EN LA VIE ~ Dark as night, edgy and head-turning sexy.  Amongst my friends, I was the only one who had pitch black hair with a blue hue and blackest black lipstick and nail polish. I was also the one who captured the most attention, and everyone I met wanted to be my friend. It never mattered much to me what anyone thought about how I looked, I held my head up high and did not even notice. It felt good to not have to hide behind a mask. It was great being myself, and nothing has changed. This racy blend is comprised of black licorice and more black licorice, sweet basil, cedarwood, amyris, orange honey, santal and ginger root. If you love black licorice, this blend will knock your platform boots off. My goth family, this one is for you!

GREEDY COLLECTION (Five Scents)The Greedy Collection was created out of pure love for fine dessert dining, stylish fashion and peaceful love. Passionate indulgence. Every day when I wake up, I get dressed as if I am attending a business casual meeting. It makes me feel at my greatest. And after dinner, a decadent dessert makes me feel like I dined at a 5-star establishment. In the evening, when it's time to wind down, pillow talk while lying my head on my significant other's chest, makes me feel so loved and appreciated. These moments fill me with joy and happiness. Whether it be food, fashion or affection, this collection symbolizes our need to have it all, to the fullest. 

AMARO GREEDY ~Nutmeg graham crackers, fernet, white birch and cream liqueur. Gender-neutral 

AMBRETTE BRULEE GREEDY ~Orange creme brulee, coconut souffle, ambrette liqueur, sugared orchid petals and candied ginger. Gender-neutral

COLD-SMOKED CHOCOLATE GREEDY  ~Smoked chocolate, bourbon whiskey accord, allspice, cocoa powder, orange-infused maple syrup. Gender-neutral

FRENCH TOAST GREEDY ~Pumpkin skin, French toast, vanilla nougat, burnt pecan praline, caramelized cognac oil and davana. Gender-neutral

GINGER GREEDY ~It has notes of ginger root, vanilla cream custard, cinnamon stick, candied orange peel, sweet dough, sticky toffee, smashed dates, white chocolate chips and lemon drops. My inspiration? Ginger Gelato with Panettone Bread and Butter Pudding. Gender-neutral

GOLDEN MILK LATTE (FALL) ~ A creamy and warm, spiced drink of fresh coconut milk, turmeric, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, black pepper and vanilla honey.

HONEYCHILD (SPRING) ~ Growing up in Colorado, my younger brother and I would enjoy the fruits of the land. You could smell the sweet honeysuckle everywhere. We would pick the flowers, and suckle on the dewy drops released from them. Fast forward many years later, and now I can enjoy the sweet smell of Texas honeysuckle. It's a bit different from the vines in Colorado, as I recall. This blend is reminiscent of the Colorado honeysuckle. It is honeysuckle nectar, and warm, sweet cream.

HORCHATA An enticing miix of Horchata with its notes of sugary milk, vanilla pod and cinnamon sticks. The milk accord is from the same source as our Milk Wasted.

KETTLE CORN (FALL) ~ Crunchy popcorn drizzled with a syrupy glaze of brown sugar & molasses.

LEMON MADELEINE ~ Soft-baked French cakes, infused with lemon zest and sprinkled with vanilla confectioners dust. Plant-based fragrance blend.

LOOPY + FROOTY (NEW!) ~ When my children were young, they referred to Saturday as 'Cartoon Day'. One of their favorite breakfast cereals was Fruity Pebbles. Here is our interpretation of this fruity treat in wearable form. Start your day all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, with a lively blend of lemon, lime, cereal milk, orange, vanilla and sandalwood. This scent is so realistic, you can even smell the dust at the bottom of the bag!

MAGNOLIA + TONKA BEAN ~ Showcases the majesty of Texas’ magnolia trees. Formulated with the scents of magnolia flower, fresh accord, gardenia, white musk, vanilla, amber, and tonka bean, this gender-neutral scent is sure to delight all. Gender-neutral

MILK WASTED ~ Milk Wasted Collection is a luxurious and creamy scent, boasting a smooth blend of fresh milk accord and tonka bean, enrobed in santalum and finished with a sprinkling of vanilla cream and cinnamon sugar. Enjoy the sweet, lactonic scent and wake up your senses with Milk Wasted.

MOLTEN MALLOW ~ Melted marshmallow, buttery sweet cream, tonka bean and vanilla cordial.

NOCTURNAL RENDEZVOUSWhat do you wear? When and where should you do a ride-by? Under the cloak of darkness, with your sunglasses, floppy hat and trench coat? You move by night, so no one will notice you. There's no way anyone will pay attention to you with that ridiculous get-up on! Enter a sarcastic grin here. So, you decide to go as you are, pulling a hoodie over your head. You know, in case it's chilly out. Your suspicions are on high alert, so you hop into the car with your BFF and take a cruise by their spot to check out the scene. What do you see? Oh yes, just what you thought. They are sitting in the car, making out. Damn!  Identify as goth? This one is for you!

NOCTURNAL RENDEZVOUS is mysterious, dark and alluring. It is comprised of dark amber, dark patchouli, dark orchid, dark musk and of course, dark woods.

OOPS! BERRY CRUNCH MILK (NEW!) ~ The rich and bold aroma of berry cereal, confectioners dust, and sweet, creamy milk is the delicious scent combination that is nothing short of extraordinary. Inspired by a childhood confection favorited for breakfast with simplistic nostalgia, especially on cartoon day.

PASSIONATE ENCOUNTERS (NEW!) ~ A soft floral, fruity blend of exotic passion fruit, lush tropical flora, and mangosteen paired with the nourishing scent of coconut butter and the refreshing scent of ozone. A lavish, tropical vacation in a bottle. 

PEACHY CREAM (NEW!) ~ A true peach blended with a true vanilla bean and ice cream.

PECULIAR PEACH ~ For the distinct. Peculiar Peach captivates the senses with its daring blend of patchouli, nutmeg, blood orange, heliotrope and artemisia. Enhanced with the sweetness of peach and santalum and the complexity of amber, this gender-neutral fragrance is a spicy, true work of art. Not for the faint of heart, Peculiar Peach is perfect for those who embrace their gothic side.

RASPBERRY EUPHORIA (NEW!) ~ A fruity, berry compilation of raspberry, mulberry and blueberry, with a sweet vanilla accord. 

SEDUCTION (SPRING) ~ Santal, waterlily, amber, cardamom and vanilla musk.

SERENITY BEFORE THE STORM ~ Serenity Before the Storm is peace and happiness, enveloped by pride and the power to love. The storm is whatever you may be going through, for the minute or for a long length of time. It is incomplex in its makeup, but flourishes with wear.  Pear blossom, a beautiful bouquet of hyacinth and lilac, bright lemon and sultry amber, finishes this spirited blend. 

SINNER'S COFFIN ~ The sinner's coffin smells of decadence, from a lifetime of lavish living. You would expect the sinner's coffin to smell of death and decay. Not this sinner's coffin. It is enriched with the life of the rich and famous. Oooo, you are so lucky to smell so good. Rich and spicy amber, eucalyptus pine, musky patchouli, pressed roses, citrus peel, the air after the rain petrichor, the herbaceous and fresh tobacco scent of clary sage, resinous cedarwood and the earthy aromas of black tea and frankincense. Spicy, earthy, exotic and sensuously divine. A great choice for those of us that identify as goth. Gender-neutral

SITUATIONSHIP ~ From the admirer-turned-stalker on social media, to the ex that turned obsessive or the best friend turned girl or guy crush, this fragrance profiles that crazy. This insane mixture is comprised of lemon, cedarwood, patchouli, vetyver, balsam fir, labdanum and lavender oils, benzoin resin, amber and cashmere musk. It’s light, crisp, clean and two kinds of crazy. Gender-neutral

SNOW FLURRY (WINTER) ~ Warm spices, vanilla,  a drop of Brazilian orange and a twist of Italian lemon oil, all cozily blanketed around blue cypress. ender-neutral. Essential oil blend.

STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE ~ Want to smell like Strawberry Shortcake? Then our enticing scent of strawberry jam, poundcake, and creamy vanilla is what you want! Mmmm, you smell delectable, Babe.

Inspiration: As a child, my favorite fruit was strawberries. When I was growing up my, mother used to make me strawberry shortcake. She would take fresh strawberries, sprinkle them with sugar, cover them with a lid and place them in the refrigerator to cool for a few hours. Once cooled, those fresh strawberries would turn into a delicious strawberry sauce. My mother would then fill those shortcake dessert cups with the strawberry sauce and top it with a dollop of Cool Whip. AYUMM!! This is my interpretation of THAT refreshing summertime dessert. If you are not familiar with that way of making strawberry shortcake, this perfume may not be for you. :-) 

STRAWBERRY SUGAR COOKIE (SUMMER) ~ This scent blend features notes of vanilla caramel, baked cookie accord, strawberry buttercream, and berry spun sugar, creating a deliciously sweet and indulgent scent that you will enjoy wearing all day. If a Lofthouse cookie were strawberry, this is what it would smell like. Plant based fragrance blend

SWEET CREAM ~ Sweet, vanilla praline, black vanilla pod & comforting, sweetened milk. 

T-SHIRT and PANTIES (NEW!) ~ An intoxicating blend of warm cotton, amber, and coconut suntan cream. But that's not all - the perfect combination of jasmine, tonka, ozone, and salted skin musk creates such a romantic and provocative scent. 

THAI STICKY RICE (NEW) ~ Our Arroz Con Leche fragrance that consists of toasted arborio rice, brown sugar and creamy coconut milk, blended with sweet mango. 

TIBETAN BLACK TEA ~ Exotic, hypnotic & erotic is one way to describe this unique blend of dark warmth. Brazilian pepper, Vietnamese champak, birch resin and tropical woods make up this perfect rendition of ceylon chai. Pure. Strong. Black. Tea. If you are a lover of black tea, this fragrance is for you. Many of you have requested an authentic, strong, dark tea without any added notes. Well, here you go! My goth family, this one is for you. Strong enough for men, suitably adorned by women…

TROPICAL PUNCH (NEW) ~ Remember the Kool-Aid flavor that we called "red" when we were children? My absolute favorite! From cool cups to pickles (even hair dye!), there were so many ways to enjoy Tropical Punch Kool-Aid. My wearable interpretation has fruity notes of cherry, grape, peach, mandarin, agave sugar, lemon and lime and smells just like fruit punch. 

UNFORGETTABLE ~ The memory that is evoked from a moment of time that has passed. Like deja vu, it brings upon you a feeling that you have been there before. You tilt your head, and raise your brow, because it is familiar, but you can't quite put your finger on where, when and with whom. This is that scent. It is beautiful, passionate, sexy and the epitome of a classic. Once you experience it, you won't forget it.

Unforgettable is comprised of dreamy vanilla orchid, sensual sandalwood and provacative amber. This is THE vanilla of all vanillas.

VAMP ~ An earthy and intoxicating blend of Egyptian geranium, French lavender & Indonesian black patchouli. This one keeps you coming back for just one more sniff. Essential oil blend. Identify as goth? Pick this one up! Gender-neutral

WATERMELON AGUA FRESCA (SUMMER) ~ One of my favorite agua frescas. Quench your thirst for watermelon with this fabulous concoction of sweetened watermelon juice with a squeeze of lime. So refreshing and delicious. This Watermelon Agua Fresca blend is made with the real smell of watermelon and lime, and sweetened with sugar.

WEIRDASS ENERGY ~ You know. That person that walks into the room, and you start to feel it in the pit of your stomach? The ex or soon-to-be-ex that shows up unexpectedly to hangout with your mutual friends? OR...that person that you want to sink your teeth into because they're so freaking yummy-looking shows up on the arms of your bestie or that BITCH that you cannot stand?! THAT! This awkward moment doesn't smell weird at all. It smells fantabulous of cassia bark, black ash wood, hemp flower, ginger root, patchouli leaf and cardamom seed. Gender-neutral

YOU'RE MY PERSON ~ The person who is always there for you, no matter what, no matter when, no matter who. It's not only a romance type of thing, it's an 'always there for you, never judging you' type of thing.

Take this clean, crisply light, pleasingly woody, warm and airy scent with you on your next vacation. Its gender-neutral composition is blended with citron leaf, ozone accord, cardamom oil, white fig, orange peel, white musk, clove bud, white woods, juniper berry and lemon water. Such a beautiful scent to share.