Ambunu Infusion Shampoo

With micellar technology, our water-to-foam deep cleansing shampoo removes excess oil & product build-up without stripping hair and drying it out. Perfect for those days that you want to rid your hair of excessive product usage, so you can start anew. 

Recommended for all hair types, including 4C. Works exceptionally well on naturalistas, transitioning, damaged, dry to extra dry, color treated, relaxed, silky, straight, curly, coily, kinky, locs, silver foxes, braids and low, medium & high porosity babes:

• moisturizing

• vegan

• ease of combing

• added volume

• conditioning

• anti-inflammatory

• deep cleansing

• detangling

• shorter shampoo time

• non-stripping

About Ambunu~ Using Ambunu herb as a hair & scalp wash and detangler is an age-old tradition that was nearly obsolete. According to Miss Sahel, if not for the elders of the village in Chad, Africa, this tradition would have been long forgotten, as it was utilized back in the earlier days.

Ambunu has a natural cleansing ability with its saponin content, as well as detangling properties. Along with its mild cleansing properties, Ambunu also exhibits natural antioxidant, emolliency and anti-inflammatory characteristics, therefore making it an effective solution for irritated scalps as well.

Pictured is our original THAI LEMONGRASS scent. It is a refreshing blend of lemongrass, coconut milk, exotic white florals & musk. Also pictured is our CHOCOLATE, with our delectable Chocolate City scent blend of a seductive, aphrodisiacal blend of dark chocolate & cocoa absolute, grounded by balsam & darkened with vetyver and santalum. Absolutely divine. 


A host of powerhouse ingredients that strip away dirt & oil, while still balancing moisture, adding body and helping to gain control over the frizzies for happy and healthy-looking tresses:

• gentle, natural cleansers bind to impurities and helps remove them without stripping away natural oils.

• silk protein protects against breakage, while maintaining moisture and improving shine.

• lauric acid penetrates the hair shaft to smooth cuticles.

• sodium lactate for its moisture binding capability to lock in moisture on dehydrated strands.

• amaranth seed extract penetrates the hair fiber, providing manageability and ease of combing for smoother hair strands. it also increases the diameter of the hair fibers for fuller-looking hair, while also adding a glossy shine.

formulated without:

- mineral oil

- parabens

- sulfates

- phthalates

- artificial colors

- silicone


*fill capacity is by weight, and head-space should be expected.



ABSENTIA ~ No added scent.

IMMORTAL ~ Blonde amber, mandarin peel, vanilla pod, blonde woods, jasmine vine, cassis & tonka bean. Softly gender-neutral

LEMON MADELEINE ~ Soft-baked French cakes, infused with lemon zest and sprinkled with vanilla confectionary dust. A splendid delight ideal for afternoon teatime. Titch of earl grey? Plant-based fragrance blend.

MILK WASTED ~ A creamy, velvety-smooth concoction of fresh milk accord,  speckled by crushed tonka bean, dipped in santalum,  churned with vanilla cream and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. MMMM…got milk!?

TIBETAN BLACK TEA ~ Exotic, hypnotic & erotic is one way to describe this unique blend of dark warmth. Brazilian pepper, Vietnamese champak, birch resin and tropical woods make up this perfect rendition of ceylon chai. Pure. Strong. Black. Tea. If you are a lover of black tea, this fragrance is for you. Many of you have requested an authentic, strong, dark tea without any added notes. Well, here you go! Strong enough for men, suitably adorned by women…

VAMP ~ An earthy and intoxicating blend of Egyptian geranium, French lavender & Indonesian black patchouli. This one keeps you coming back for just one more sniff. Essential oil blend. Gender-neutral

VATIKA ROSE ~ No powder, no perfume, no grandma. No kidding. A true English rose, perfectly blended with a like-floral bouquet of carnation & peony, and grounded by the complexity of vetyver with its woody, earthy, grassy tones.

XOCHITL (pronounced so-chee) ~ A beautiful compilation of light florals, like jasmine absolute, orchid & freesia, with bergamot tea, vanilla, amber, patchouli & musk. Sassy. Feminine. Bold. Bossy. Head-turner. THE floral that you will NOT want to miss out on.

WEIRDASS ENERGY ~ You know. That person that walks into the room, and you start to feel it in the pit of your stomach? The ex or soon-to-be-ex that shows up unexpectedly to hangout with your mutual friends? OR...that person that you want to sink your teeth into because they're so freaking yummy-looking shows up on the arms of your bestie or that BITCH that you cannot stand?! THAT! This awkward moment doesn't smell weird at all. It smells fantabulous of cassia bark, black ash wood, hemp flower, ginger root, patchouli leaf and cardamom seed. Gender-neutral



ALBIUS ~ This story is so extraordinary you see, as Edmond was born into slavery in St. Suzanne, on the island of Réunion. Young Edmond discovered an efficient and profitable technique to pollinate the difficult to cultivate vanilla orchid, at the innocent age of 12. Despite opposition from Jean Michel Claude Richard, a botanist who alleged that it was he who discovered the technique to hand-pollinate vanilla in Paris. It was this same botanist, who claimed that he had gone to Réunion in 1838 to demonstrate to a small group of horticulturists, and that young Edmond, allegedly, must have been present to see the technique to steal it for himself.

While he was never rewarded monetarily, Edmond was awarded with affirmation of his contribution to the vanilla cultivation industry, his freedom and a last name… Albius.

Our Albius scent is complex, just like the life of its namesake. It holds notes of readily available luxuries of the time, such as vanilla bean, shea butter and santalum, and oils of orange peel, nutmeg, patchouli and cedarwood. Sensuously gender-neutral

AURA ~ A clean compilation of white florals that will create an atmosphere of pure serenity. Lilium, pikake flowers and plumeria, trailing behind night-blooming blossoms of tuberose and poet’s jasmine, with notes of entrancing gardenia leading the way, surrounded by lush island greenery.

BEACHFRONT RESORT ~ Salted breezes, blue ocean waves, pink sands and umbrella drinks intermingle for an exhilarating soak in the setting sun. Watch the sun set with the true beachy smells of sea salt, ozone accord, wet sand, melon extract, red apple slices, pink lotus, sheer musk and sun-bleached driftwood. An essential oil and plant-based fragrance blend.

EIDOLON ~ ghost-flower, golden amber, prickly pear & desert sand. Fabtabulously gender-neutral

HONEYCHILD ~ Growing up in Colorado, my younger brother and I would enjoy the fruits of the land. You could smell the sweet honeysuckle everywhere. We would pick the flowers, and suckle on the dewy drops released from them. Fast forward many years later, and now I can enjoy the sweet smell of Texas honeysuckle. It's a bit different from the vines in Colorado, as I recall. This blend is reminiscent of the Colorado honeysuckle. It is honeysuckle nectar, and warm, sweet cream. 

SATIN SLIP ~ That silky dress that you slip on to putter around the house in. Oh so smoky (not in a burnt wood type of way), fruity, musky delicious. This scent is everything. It is soft, sultry and enticing. Smoked musk, mulberry marshmallow, white peach, moonflower and gardenia.

SEDUCTION ~ Santal, waterlily, amber, cardamom and vanilla musk.

SITUATIONSHIP ~ From the admirer-turned-stalker on social media, to the ex that turned obsessive or the best friend turned girl or guy crush, this fragrance profiles that crazy. This insane mixture is comprised of lemon, cedarwood, patchouli, vetyver, balsam fir, labdanum and lavender oils, benzoin resin, amber and cashmere musk. It’s light, crisp, clean and two kinds of crazy. Gender-neutral

How to use:  With wet hair, apply at the scalp using the tip of the applicator bottle. Massage onto scalp, and begin to work lather through hair to the ends. Rinse well. Follow up with our Honey Hydrating Hair Toffee, or your favorite kheimistrii conditioner.

Ingredients: Ambunu Infusion (Aqua, Ceratotheca Desamoides (False Sesame) Leaf, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Cocamidopropyl Hydroxysultane, Sodium Cocoyl Glycinate, Sodium Lauroaphoacetate, Lauric Acid, Sodium Cocoyl Hydrolyzed Silk Protein, Sodium Lactate, Fragrance, Amaranthus Caudatus (Amaranth) Seed Extract, Polyquaternium-7, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Citric Acid, Mica

Collections: Best Sellers, Body, Hair Ritual, Vegan

Type: Shampoo

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