Car Diffuser Air Freshener by Smell Good With TJ

The Car Diffusers by Smell Good With TJ utilize premium fragrance oils and essential oils to provide a strong and long lasting scent throw, making it a perfect air freshener for your vehicle. 

Free from: 

  • phthalates
  • parabens
  • formaldehyde releasers
  • carcinogens
  • reproductive toxic agents

8 mL (7 mL Fill) / Purchase is for 1 Car Diffuser Air Freshener

Please note: Please purchase the same scent in refill as the bottle that you currently  have. Purchasing a different scent will cause the previous scent to mix with the new scent, and may not be a desirable fragrance. Please purchase a new Diffuser should you wish to change your fragrance. 

Berry Crush ~ Black raspberry, sweet vanilla and purple plum. 

Bet On Red ~ This Perfume is a carefully curated blend of sweet Amber, Jasmine, Saffron, soft Cedarwood, and light musk, inspired by the renowned Maison Francis Kurkdjian's scent, Baccarat Rouge 540. Capturing the essence of the iconic fragrance, it offers a soft and sexy floral experience with its unique mixture of scents.

Cherry Cheesecake ~ This Perfume Oil Rollerball contains a blend of maraschino cherry, cheesecake, and graham cracker, creating a decadent and perfectly wearable scent. 

Essence Of Man ~ A fresh blend of dark Amber, Jasmine, Vanilla, Lily, Eucalyptus, Apple, dark Musk and a bit of Patchouli. Inspired by the 'Y' by Yves Saint Laurent fragrance. It captures the essence of the original while providing a unique experience. Masculine.

Flawless ~ Discover a blend of Lily, Jasmine, Mandarin Peach, Cashmere Woods, and Pink Peppercorn inspired by the beloved scent Perfect by Marc Jacobs. The Perfume Oil captures the essence of this iconic fragrance with its expertly crafted mix of scents.

It Girl ~ The perfect blend of tuberose, jasmine, bergamot, and tropical foliage, infused with notes of vanilla, tonka bean, cashmere, and cypress woods. This exotic fragrance is inspired by Good Girl by Carolina Herrera. Its light floral scent and sophisticated essence will leave you feeling confident and elegant.

It's A Beautiful Life ~ A beautiful blend of sweet Vanilla, Iris, Jasmine, White Grapefruit, Cashmere Woods, Green Foliage, and a touch of Patchouli, inspired by the renowned scent La Vie Est Belle by Lancome. This Perfume captures the essence of the iconic fragrance with its carefully curated mixture of scents.

Pebbles Of Fruit ~ So fruity and vibrant, this perfume contains a blend of cereal, lemon, lime, berries, and orange and is inspired by the delicious scent of Fruity Pebbles by Post.

Red Velvet Cake ~ Indulge in the luxurious scent of Red Velvet Cake, featuring notes of creamy cheesecake and rich buttercream frosting.

Strawberry Milkshake Cake ~ Combining the delightful scents of strawberry, vanilla cream, and yellow cake, creates a unique and delicious fragrance experience reminiscent of a Strawberry Milkshake Cake.

The Accused ~ A fresh and clean blend of dark Amber, Jasmine, Vanilla, Lily, Ozone, Bergamot, dark Musk and a hint of Lemon, inspired by the Guilty (M) by Gucci fragrance. It captures the essence of the original while providing a unique experience. Masculine.


  • Keep away from direct heat and flames, contents are flammable.
  • Keep away from children and pets. 
  • Avoid contact with eyes and face. 
  • Keep away from direct contact with porous or uneven surfaces, as contents may damage them. Immediately wipe up any spills. We are not responsible for any resulting spills that cause damage.

How to use~

  1. Unscrew the wooden lid and remove the plastic stopper from the glass bottle. Set both aside.
  2. Screw the wooden lid back onto the glass bottle tightly. Tilt the bottle slightly for 1 to 2 seconds, to allow the fragrance to absorb into the wooden lid and saturate the cord that's inside the lid. Turn bottle back upright. tilt with caution, as tilting for longer than suggested, may result in leaking from the wooden lid and causing damage to any surfaces.
  3. Unscrew the wooden lid and replace the plastic stopper back into the glass bottle to prevent leakage. Screw the wooden lid back onto the glass bottle. 
  4. Hang/Tie Diffuser from the rearview mirror in your vehicle or place on a flat surface. Repeat previous steps to refresh the fragrance when scent begins to fade and smell lighter. Can also be used in closets, in offices, in gym lockers and in class rooms.

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