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A blast of freshness whenever and wherever you desire. Fragrance can change the mood of your environment, and put you in a happier, more productive mood. Carry your favorite Kheimistrii fragrance with you on the go, leave it in your vehicle or keep it in any room in your living space.


A BREATH OF FRESH PEAR ~ Pear, caramel, cardamom and vanilla bean. A true, juicy pear.

ALBIUS ~ Our Albius scent is complex, just like the life of its namesake. It holds notes of readily available luxuries of the time, such as vanilla bean, shea butter and santalum, and oils of orange peel, nutmeg, patchouli and cedarwood. Sensuously gender-neutral.

BEACHFRONT RESORT ~ Salted breezes, blue ocean waves, pink sands and umbrella drinks intermingle for an exhilarating soak in the setting sun. Watch the sun set with the true beachy smells of sea salt, ozone accord, wet sand, honeydew melon extract, red apple slices, pink lotus, sheer musk and sun-bleached driftwood. An essential oil and plant-based fragrance blend.

BLOWIN' COTTON ~ Cotton candy, sweet pea bubble gum & wind-blown cotton. Curiosity made me do it. I wanted to know what these aromas would smell like blended into one. I wasn't wrong. They belong together. 

HAVANA HEAT ~ I was channeling Gloria Estefan with this blend. She was hot back when I was a teenager, and her music was always played at the youth party clubs. Sassy and full of energy, bold and bright. This is what I imagine the night life is like in Cuba, one day I will know for certain. Coconut milk, rum accord, pineapple milk, tonka bean, vanilla sugar, cashmere woods, warm amber and butterfly jasmine. I stan for Gloria Estefan.

HONEYCHILD ~ Growing up in Colorado, my younger brother and I would enjoy the fruits of the land. You could smell the sweet honeysuckle everywhere. We would pick the flowers, and suckle on the dewy drops released from them. Fast forward many years later, and now I can enjoy the sweet smell of Texas honeysuckle. It's a bit different from the vines in Colorado, as I recall. This blend is reminiscent of the Colorado honeysuckle. It is honeysuckle nectar, and warm, sweet cream. 

NEROLI BLOOM ~ This scent was specially blended for SMU Meadows Museum ARTafterDARK 2022. Neroli is the name of the oil extracted from the flower blossoms of the bitter orange tree. Spaniards brought this tree to Florida in the mid 1500s. Neroli's fragrance is marked by delicate tones that are pleasantly bitter, fresh, sweet and herbal in nature. Dark and alluring. Called "sexy" by so many at the event, it was the popular choice of those lined up to make their own perfume. It was heartwarming to see how many made perfume for their partners. This alluring blend is comprised of warm spices, a drop of Brazilian orange oil cozily blanketed around cypress, with a droplet of vanilla to ground it all together. Gender-neutral

 MAGNOLIA + TONKA BEAN ~ Showcases the majesty of Texas’ magnolia trees. Formulated with the scents of magnolia flower, fresh accord, gardenia, white musk, vanilla, amber, and tonka bean, this gender-neutral scent is sure to delight all. Gender-neutral

SERENITY BEFORE THE STORM ~ Serenity Before the Storm is peace and happiness, enveloped by pride and the power to love. The storm is whatever you may be going through, for the minute or for a long length of time. It is incomplex in its makeup, but flourishes with wear.  Pear blossom, a beautiful bouquet of hyacinth and lilac, bright lemon and sultry amber, finishes this spirited blend. 

SITUATIONSHIP ~ From the admirer-turned-stalker on social media, to the ex that turned obsessive or the best friend turned girl or guy crush, this fragrance profiles that crazy. This insane mixture is comprised of lemon, cedarwood, patchouli, vetyver, balsam fir, labdanum and lavender oils, benzoin resin, amber and cashmere musk. It’s light, crisp, clean and two kinds of crazy. Gender-neutral

TIBETAN BLACK TEA ~ Exotic, hypnotic & erotic is one way to describe this unique blend of dark warmth. Brazilian pepper, Vietnamese champak, birch resin and tropical woods make up this perfect rendition of ceylon chai. Pure. Strong. Black. Tea. If you are a lover of black tea, this fragrance is for you. Many of you have requested an authentic, strong, dark tea without any added notes. Well, here you go! Strong enough for men, suitably adorned by women…

UNFORGETTABLE ~ The memory that is evoked from a moment of time that has passed. Like deja vu, it brings upon you a feeling that you have been there before. You tilt your head, and raise your brow, because it is familiar, but you can't quite put your finger on where, when and with whom. This is that scent. It is beautiful, passionate, sexy and the epitome of a classic. Once you experience it, you won't forget it.

Unforgettable is comprised of dreamy vanilla orchid, sensual sandalwood and provacative amber. This is THE vanilla of all vanillas.

VAMP ~ An earthy and intoxicating blend of Egyptian geranium, French lavender & Indonesian black patchouli. This one keeps you coming back for just one more sniff. Essential oil blend. Gender-neutral

WEIRDASS ENERGY ~ You know. That person that walks into the room, and you start to feel it in the pit of your stomach? The ex or soon-to-be-ex that shows up unexpectedly to hangout with your mutual friends? OR...that person that you want to sink your teeth into because they're so freaking yummy-looking shows up on the arms of your bestie or that BITCH that you cannot stand?! THAT! This awkward moment doesn't smell weird at all. It smells fantabulous of cassia bark, black ash wood, hemp flower, ginger root, patchouli leaf and cardamom seed. Gender-neutral

YOUR BLUES AIN'T LIKE MINE ~ It's been one of those days. Shit, actually a lifetime of it. One day of happiness, leads to nonstop days of WTF?!  We've all been there. Those days when you are having such a great life,  then you later find yourself wondering when the bad shit is going to happen. No matter how bad you think your life is, there is always someone out there thinking, "YOUR BLUES AIN'T LIKE MINE."  It's a beautiful compilation of my version of bourbon vanilla that begins with bites from the same fruit of bitter orange peel and neroli flower, followed by lemon peel and tobacco, with lingering notes of cedarwood, bourbon vanilla and musk. A bit on the masculine side, but loved by all. 

*SHAKE BEFORE USE* ~ How to use: Spray throughout room as desired. Can also be used as a body, auto and linen spray. 

*CAUTION: Avoid use on sensitive areas, open cuts, or otherwise irritated skin. Discontinue use if rash, irritation or allergic reaction occurs.

Ingredients: SD Alcohol, Aqua, Fragrance, Natural Fragrance, Essential Oil,  Propylene Glycol, Glycerin,  Polyaminopropyl Biguanide


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